A Memoir of Vietnam and Its Aftermath
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Praise for Fearful Odds

"Grabs you with the opening words and never lets go. Powerful and compelling."
Steve Huntley, former Editor and Columnist Chicago Sun Times
"Just when you thought that the war was over, Fearful Odds packs a punch in the gut you will be feeling for a long time."
Joseph L. Galloway, author of We Were Soldiers Once...and Young
"Chuck Newhall’s Fearful Odds deserves to be read as a harrowing account of combat in Vietnam. But it demands to be read as a vivid, timeless portrayal of the trials of homecoming. If you care about America’s warriors, and about how we as a society can help them come home after war, then you should read this book."
Nathaniel Fick, author of One Bullet Away
"There have been many books written on PTSD. They are largely “how to” manuals incorporating prescriptive “lessons” on what to do about one or another type of emotional stress. Too often, these volumes render problems in black-and-white with comparatively simple-minded remedies. Your volume is far better than the great majority of PTSD books. You let the reader appreciate the psychological pain of a wide range of traumatic episodes. In describing how you managed to confront these challenges with largely successful outcomes, you enable the reader to empathize with what you experienced and to apply your insights into his/her own problems."
Dr. Solomon H. Snyder, Distinguished Service Professor of Neuroscience, Pharmacology and Psychiatry,
The Solomon H. Snyder Department of Neuroscience, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
"This extraordinary memoir reveals the importance of a mild form of stoicism not only to military effectiveness and overcoming the ordeal of combat, but also to overcoming hardships in life encountered far from the battlefield. Fearful Odds illuminates human frailty and strength, compassion and animus, trauma and restoration."
H.R. McMaster, author of Dereliction of Duty: Lyndon Johnson, Robert McNamara, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Lies that Led to Vietnam
"For me – a veteran of the A Shau Valley – Chuck Newell's account resonates with all combat warriors who fought in that valley of death. All warriors return with PTS – it's how they confront, adapt and overcome the trauma of horrific combat that is underscored herein. I felt like I was beside Chuck through his Vietnam combat tour. Brought back memories - some good, some bad. It was Chuck's care and concern for his troops, total dedication to his mission, demonstrated leadership and "can do" attitude that led him to confront and overcome the challenges of Leadership in mortal combat. Those who have never experienced it, will never understand. Those who have, totally understand what Chuck went through and salute him for beating the odds."
Barney Barnum, Colonel of Marines (ret), Medal of Honor Recipient
"Everyone knows someone who came back from Vietnam and never talks about it. In his brave and unflinching memoir, Chuck Newhall talks about it like no one else ever has. We see combat and its consequences, exploding years later like emotional time bombs when soldiers mistakenly think they are at home. This is a unique book, written in the ground-level tradition of Paul Casey and Timothy O'Brien but all its own about the war that never ends in our real lives. This is the best book I have read about Vietnam as it was lived and as it still plays out in lives all around us."
Landon Y (Lanny) Jones, former managing editor of People and Money magazines.
Author of William Clark and the Shaping of the West, a biography of the co-leader of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.



"Newhall has spent thirty years fighting PTSD. His closing chapters aim at helping others with the disorder. He emphasizes the necessity of having expert guidance—in his case, a noted psychiatrist. Most touching, he includes passages from his wife’s diary and her final note, which deal with his failures as a husband and father. Beyond all else, sharing those stunning revelations shows the depth of Chuck Newhall’s courage as a man devoted to improving the lives of others."
Henry Zeybel ~ Vietnam Veterans of America Magazine
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"With uncommon candor and crisply written language, underscored by searing emotion hidden from most observers by his deliberate stoicism and well-cultivated warrior ethic, Newhall’s “Fearful Odds, A Memoir of Vietnam and Its Aftermath,” is as painfully absorbing book that I have read in a long time. I highly recommend it."
Howard Freedlander, The Talbot Spy
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"Simply stunning. Do not stop reading this review before the end. Do not stop reading Fearful Odds before the end… a very well-written memoir... (t)hen, in a page, it transcends the genre. It steps up to a higher level and remains there to the end. This may be the most searingly personal and painful book I have ever read."
John Neely, Tiger Force, 101st Airborne Division, Vietnam
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"A really amazing story… hard to believe that somebody can go through what you did and emerge and become successful."
The Steve Hexom Show ~ KBRC, Burlington, IA
"Fearful Odds is going to help a lot of people."
Matt West, Host ~ The Morning Show ~ KJFF, Festus,
"Tough book to read… really telling… brutally honest."
Julie Rose, Host ~ Top of Mind ~ BYU Radio
"God had a mission for you… to help other people. If you hadn’t gone through this self-sacrifice, then we wouldn’t have this information. Thank you on behalf of all those who are suffering who might get some help."
The Brian Thomas Show ~ WKRC, Cincinnati, OH

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I Could Not Put It Down

"…a great present for a woman and a wonderful choice for a book club. Only relatively recently have women recognized that the trauma they have experienced from date rapes and domestic abuse is, in fact, PTSD, and that a real debt is owed to men like (Chuck Newhall) who are willing to speak freely about what they have endured."

Much More Than: A Memoir of Vietnam and Its Aftermath

"This book should be required reading for every Senator and Congressman.....before a War vote. And during and after a war vote. Mr. Newhall is an honorable man beyond all else. His willingness to share "it all" will be a blessing to many who can benefit from his real life Viet Nam horrors, PTSD, depression and all that follows. Thank you, Mr. Newhall, a gentleman and a scholar."

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"Horrifying narrative of Vietnam experience. This book should be required reading for anyone about to vote on sending soldiers to war. I had to keep putting it down, but I had to keep picking it back up. Bloody. Then the PTSD, the depression, the survival, the guilt, all that goes into the life of a soldier who comes home. Very sad, excellent memoir writing, and finally helpful, and I think uplifting, for those who suffer from war."


"Whether you wear a uniform, have a loved one in the military, serve the country in government, run a business, take care of a family, or finding your way in life, Fearful Odds is a book that deserves a spot on your bookshelf. More so, it makes an excellent gift for those you love and care about the most – they will thank you and hopefully pass it on for others to benefit."

A.C. Szul

From Readers    (See what readers are saying about Fearful Odds)

"A real story about real people."

"An important book that is only partly about war stories."

"While some of my time on the boats patrolling up and down the Mekong was scary – it was nothing like (Fearful Odds)."

"Very powerful."

"A story of a person searching for his own identity. The description of the time in Vietnam is the clearest account I have ever read."

"Great reading. You don’t want to put it down."

"I found the book to be captivating… the Vietnam portion horrifying."

"I’m grateful that you wrote the book and shared your many emotions and experiences… the Old Shads of our era would benefit."

"A very helpful memoir…one I will personally use and recommend to others."

"A special story… chilling detail."

"A tough book… I am extremely glad I read it."

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