A Memoir of Vietnam and Its Aftermath
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Family Gallery
Captain Asa T. Abbott
Captain Asa T. Abbott – The Fighting Cock
The Union officer who loved a Confederate lass.
Fannie Cross
Fannie Cross – "Yankee, don’t you steal my apple."
The Queen of Love and Beauty who could draw, shoot, and hit a tin cup thrown in the air.
Confederate Col. John Singleton Mosby
Confederate Col. John Singleton Mosby, the Gray Ghost
He always attacked at dawn in the mist where he was not expected.
Gladys Brantley Newhall
Gladys Brantley Newhall
My mother. An airline flight attendant in the days when that job required being both a pilot and a registered nurse.
>Charles Watson Newhall, Jr.
Charles Watson Newhall, Jr.
My father. Entrepreneur and venture capitalist.
Evangeline Abbott Newhall
Evangeline Abbott Newhall
My grandmother. Her stories of heroism, stoicism and great deeds inspired me.
Dr. Charles Newhall
Dr. Charles Newhall
My grandfather and I. He was awarded an Army major’s commission for Shattuck’s role in military training.
Marsi 1969 Mrs. Coolidge
Waiting for Mrs. Coolidge and the Lodges to arrive for dinner - 1969 at 33 Chestnut Street, Boston, MA
Nehall Summer 83
With Amy and the boys in the summer of '83
Amy saved our lives.
Captain Walter Newhall at Gettysburg by Don Troiani
Captain Walter Newhall at Gettysburg
by Don Troiani ©2015
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