A Memoir of Vietnam and Its Aftermath
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Charles W. “ Chuck” Newhall, III

Charles W. “Chuck” Newhall, III is a decorated combat veteran of Vietnam who served with the 1st Battalion, 327th Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division in the A Shau Valley where he earned the Silver Star, the Bronze Star with V(1st OLC) and Purple Heart. He is a co-founder of New Enterprise Associates (NEA), playing a major role in formulating NEA’s investment strategy which was instrumental in financing the dramatic changes in both the health care services and pharmaceutical/biotechnology industries. In the early years of the partnership he was responsible for fundraising and he developed the blueprint for what became NEA’s culture. He is Chairman Emeritus of Greenspring Associates. He founded the Mid-Atlantic Venture Capital Association (MAVA) in the early 80s. When MAVA started the mid-Atlantic received .5% of the money coming in to the venture industry and when he stepped down as chairman the mid-Atlantic received 20% of the money coming into the venture industry annually. When he started MAVA there were few venture backed companies in the mid-Atlantic region and when he stepped down as chair there were more venture backed companies in the mid-Atlantic region than there were around Boston. He has served on the board of sixty public and private companies and those companies now have over 300 billion in revenues. He has served on the board of numerous charitable and community institutions including the Greater Baltimore Committee and Baltimore Museum of Art. Among his numerous awards, Chuck is the 2016 recipient of the Lifetime Achievement in Venture Capital Award presented by the National Venture Capital Association. He received the America Spirit award from the Nation Venture Capital Association in 2006. He was recently honored by Nation Venture Capital Association and citybiz as the founder of the Nation Venture Capital Association. He received an MBA from Harvard Business School, and an honors degree in English from the University of Pennsylvania. Fearful Odds is his first book. A Dialogue between the Head the Heart is his second book which should be published in 2017. His second book is the story of building a formal garden with 54 garden rooms, over 40 years. Gardening is one of his coping mechanisms for dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Fearful Odds is the true story of a young Army officer, groomed for command and assigned to lead a platoon on a reconnaissance mission in Vietnam. An otherwise routine mission is complicated by the contradiction of an inept chain of command and the resulting casualties devastate the platoon. The graphic images and memories of the action and the grueling months that follow, lead Chuck Newhall to a lifetime of severe trauma, guilt, grief and anger. After decades of experience in managing the long-term effects of trauma, and with the support of his family, Chuck Newhall has successfully come to terms with his past and the effects of PTSD. Fearful Odds offers hope, inspiration and valuable coping tools for anyone, or their families, who has been affected by post-traumatic stress, depression, mild traumatic brain disorder or the suicide of a loved one. Fearful Odds is a story of perseverance in the face of insurmountable odds and will offer a guiding hand to others who are facing challenges on the battlefield, boardroom or back at home.