A Memoir of Vietnam and Its Aftermath
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The A Shau Valley

Fearful Odds is about a series of skirmishes in August 1968 during a reconnaissance in force of the Dong So ridgeline in the A Shau Valley. The Dong So was connected to the Dong Ap Bia or Hill 937, often referred to as Hamburger Hill. If anyone had listened to us, the battle of Hamburger Hill would have been fought in a different manner. It was there in May 1969 that three battalions from the 101st Airborne Division had 72 killed and 370 wounded. That bloody battle changed the war and led to Vietnamization — having the Vietnamese, supported by U.S. air power, do the bloody fighting.

The following galleries include copies of the official records of combat actions in the A Shau Valley in August 1968 directly from the Army archives.

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101st AIRBORNE - 1st ARVN DIV TASK FORCE AAR.pdf 6,915 Downlad
Daily Staff Journal 01-05 AUG 1968.pdf 7,764 Downlad
Daily Staff Journal 06-08 AUG 1968.pdf 6,917 Downlad
Daily Staff Journal 09-11 AUG 1968.pdf 6,803 Downlad
Daily Staff Journal 12-15 AUG 1968.pdf 5,635 Downlad
Daily Staff Journal 16-23 AUG 1968.pdf 5,464 Downlad
Operation Somerset Plain 04 - 20 AUG 1968.pdf 2,150 Downlad
Operation Somerset Plain After Action Report.pdf 2,951 Downlad